Our mission is to nurture challengers who innovate and develop a better world by providing enrichment programs and camps in STEAM area. Children need to build up curiosity, self-esteem, and solid skills to become challengers. We develop and provide innovative and fun programs and camps to encourage to experience a wide variety of STEAM areas, at the same time, we provide rigorous programs and camps to help to build solid STEAM skills, especially Math which is the foundation of STEM subjects. 

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Path to improve IT literacy

STEAM Dojo provides a continuous path to improve IT literacy from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

K -2: Scratch Jr.

2 – 6: Scratch for Beginners, Scratch Game Coding, Advanced Scratch Game Coding

6 – 8: Python For Beginners

7 – 9: Python Intermediate

9 – 11: AP Computer Science Principles Preparation

10- 11: AP Computer Science A Preparation

7 – 12: Python Advanced (AI Web App Development and AWS Deployment)