3D Modeling – Spaceship –

3D models are everywhere, movies, games, advertisements, manufacturing processes, healthcare, construction, etc. Master 3D modeling and animation fundamentals with the industry-standard open-source 3D software Blender. Your child will learn how to build 3D models while building spaceships and producing an animation.

After this program

Your child can develop basic 3D models such as spaceships and buildings with Blender and develop a 3D animation with them.
Your child will also learn how to develop a 3D animation of an explosion with a physical model.

What students create

  • Two spaceships, one for practice, another with own design.
  • A 3D Animation with optimized with graph editor and camera work.
  • A few 3D objects such as a snowman and desk lamp for practice



Hardware and Software requirement

1. Hardware requirements
1)Relatively new PC, Mac, or Unix system with a minimum of 4GB memory.
2)Chromebooks and tablets are not supported.
3) Please check the detailed requirements at https://www.blender.org/download/requirements/
4) Three-button mouse
5) 2nd monitor or additional PC/Mac/Chromebook/Tablet is recommended to see the Zoom screen. Blender’s primary device must also run the Zoom application to share the screen with the instructor.

2. Software requirements
1)Please install the latest version of Blender from blender.org. It is free.
2)Please install the Zoom application to share the screen. If your child joins the classes with the web version of Zoom, your child cannot get full support from the instructor due to the limitation of web-version Zoom.