Advanced Scratch Game Coding

Let’s improve coding skill with games!

Developing games is the best way to advance coding skills. It requires advanced coding skills, user experience design, game story design, and a lot of logical thinking. There are many ways to improve and customize each game. These customizations nurture the autonomy of your child. It is also fun!

Advance coding skills

Your child will develop interactive games that require advanced coding skills, events handling, user experience design and logical thinking.

Build confidence in coding

Your child will build great confidence in coding after developing multiple fun games that he/she can play with his/her friends.

Expand the boundary

Designing own games, customizing and improving the user experience, and making the games more fun and competitive are very challenging and take your child’s skills to the next level.

After this program

Your child will be able to design and develop own games and enhance them. Understand the importance of game story and user experience. Understand advanced programming skill such as clone, costume control, and script synchronization with messaging.

What your child develops

Your child will develop the following games;

  1. A cat chases a mouse
  2. Dodge ball
  3. Flappy bug
  4. Golf
  5. Shooting missile
  6. Maze
  7. Moon lander


Your child needs to know Scratch or have some programming experience with another language.