AP Computer Science Prep

Get Prepared for AP Computer Science!

Get your child ahead of the game with our AP Computer Science Readiness Camp!
Our online program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Java and the basics of computer science, preparing your child for success in their AP Computer Science class.

  • All fundamentals, from basic syntax to object-oriented programming and recursion in Java
  • Learning Java compared with Python
  • Many mini-projects and exercises


Annual online program (1 hour/week) or Two-week Summer Camp


Our program blends computational thinking practices into the learning process of Java. 

  • Unit 1: Primitive Types
  • Unit 2: Using Objects
  • Unit 3: Boolean Expressions and if Statements
  • Unit 4: Iteration
  • Unit 5: Writing Classes
  • Unit 6: Array
  • Unit 7: ArrayList
  • Unit 8: 2D Array
  • Unit 9: Inheritance
  • Unit 10: Recursion



After this program

Your child will be confident and ready for the AP Computer Science class.

Hardware & Software requirements

We use BlueJ to develop Java programs and run them.

Please install the Zoom application (Zoom Desktop Client) and the BlueJ, Java Development Environment application on your child’s PC.
And ensure that the instructor can see the BlueJ application screen with the screen-sharing function of the Zoom application to fully support your child.
BlueJ: https://bluej.org/
Zoom application: https://zoom.us/download

Please use a PC, Mac, or other devices that can run both the Zoom application.
Old Chromebooks and tablets tend to have performance problems and hinder practice.
We would recommend that your child has an additional device to view the Zoom screen while fully using the main device for programming.

Recommended programs

If your child can get great benefits by taking the following programs before taking this program, though they are not prerequisites.