Unfortunate Truth of Math

Math has unique characteristics that other subjects such as language art, social study, and the majority of science do not have. If you do not understand the characteristics well and treat Math and your child as other subjects, it causes a huge problem later.  1. Layered skills and concepts Math requires a solid understanding of […]

How to improve Math score

1. Not good at math? There are many reasons that a child is not able to get a good score in Math. We need to identify the causes that prevent the child from getting a perfect score every time and prioritize the causes.  If your child is in the first or second grade, it is […]

5 benefits of After School Program

Attending afterschool program at a school brings a wide range of benefits to your child, you and the community. Afterschool programs can boost academic performance, expand exposure to broader STEAM subjects, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, give chances to increase friends, and provide a safe and managed environment to your child. Explore interests Promote physical […]