Full-Stack System Engineering

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Development with Git to AWS deployment!

This course is a great introduction and preparation for computer science. Programming is a small part of system development. Your child will experience full-stack development of API-based single-page-application (SPA) with Vue framework for the front-end, Python as the back-end, and git for the source code management. Then your child sets up an Ubuntu (Unix) system and deploys the application.

  • Develop cutting-edge single-page-application with Vue framework and Python 
  • Understand and experience group development with git like  professionals
  • Setup own Ubuntu server on Amazon AWS and deploy the application and database

After this program

Your child will understand how professionals develop a system from application development to deployment and relationship between coding and Dev-Ops. 

Your child experiences the following Dev-Ops process and develop a publicly available website designed with the cutting-edge Single-Page-Application architecture.

  • The cutting-edge API based single-page-application architecture
  • Front-end framework, Vue framework, and Python combination with fetch API
  • Group development with git and how to set up and use git
  • Fundamentals of AWS and ubuntu server setting (HTTP server, Database)
  • Deploy an application with git and firewall setting


  • Your child needs to have a coding experience with Python, JavaScript, Java, C, or another code-base programming languages.
  • You need to create an AWS account with credit card information later of this course.

Hardware & Software requirements

  • This course requires a PC or a Mac. Chromebooks and tablets do not work for this course.
  • The PC or the Mac needs to have 4GB of memory and 30GB of free disk space.
  • We recommend having an additional monitor (or PC/Mac/tablet/Chromebook) to see the Zoom screen