Psychology of Emotion: Studies in Stress and Self

Throughout this course we will explore how emotions are constructed and how to best approach their sensation, to live with their inclination, to appreciate it, and to chose deliberately how to react. We will consider the relation of body and mind, the process by which movement ‘internalized’ formalizes mind, and how a developing understanding of emotion relates to self awareness and practices for health and  improvement. Questions will guide this course as students are encouraged to use reason to navigate different perspectives. Among the scientific understandings provided, attendees will learn how to make opinions for themselves, to confront unknowns and make reasonable inferences with important consequences for their personal journeys.

A group of adolescents

Psychological approach

This course hopes to facilitate an interactive learning environment in which students are able to communicate themselves. Students will benefit from a student centric course that engages their experience into a scientific discussion. A major theme for this course is relating objective knowledge to subjective experience. After this program, students will be able to frame their own experience, stressful, emotional, or awesome, into new, scientific, and practical understandings. 

After this program

Attendees understand why they feel stress, methods to manage the stresses, why they feel emotions, pros and cons of emotions, how to control emotions, approaches to explore self-awareness.

With a fundamental understanding of psychology and practical methods to manage stresses and emotions, the attendees will be able to improve their mental well-being.

Program overview

This program is designed for one-hour online class per week for a group of attendees up to 16 students with two instructors.

The total number of classes is 14 classes. The program will be able to compress to a minimum of 10 weeks to accommodate your school schedule.

This program is designed for adolescents who attend middle school or high school.

There is no prerequisite.