Python Advanced

AI Web App Development & Amazon AWS Cloud Deployment

In this Python Advanced course, students learn the followings though a schoolyear long project:

  • Deep neural network based AI
  • Flask framework-based web application development
  • Git based development and deployment
  • Linux server setup and deployment to Amazon AWS cloud
  • Computer science related knowledge

This program puts its emphasis on a whole development process than Python coding itself.

python AI image

Project Overview

Attendees develop and train an convolutional neural network based AI model while learning details of how the AI works. Then they develop a Flask framework-based web application that uses the trained AI model from Python, then manage the source codes with git. They will set up a Linux server on Amazon AWS cloud from scratch, set up firewall and deploy the web application on the server with git. Through this project, students learn a whole development to deployment process.

After This Program

The attendees experiment and understand the followings:

A whole process of development to deployment, known as Dev-Ops.

Overview of how the neural network-based AIs work, and how to develop an AI model and train it.

Application development management with git.

Benefits of cloud computing and how to develop a Linux based server.

Related computer science knowledge such as OSI’s seven layers, IP, TCP/UDP, and Internet protocols. 



Attendees need to understand fundamentals of Python and have experience of Python coding with Google Colab, Jupyter Notebook, or other development environment.

Hardware and other requirements

PC, Mac, or Unix Client

Attendees need a Windows PC, Mac, or Unix Client. Chromebooks and tablets do not work for this program as the attendees need to develop local Python environment.

Amazon AWS account

Attendees will set up a Linux server on AWS cloud in April and May. The server costs additional $10/month + tax. A credit card is required to register an AWS account.