Python & Algorithms For Beginners

Let’s master Python!

Python is the most popular programming language, with its high productivity and a wide variety of libraries, especially AI and computational sciences. Python is a high-level and easy-to-learn language and is a perfect starting point for learning fully functional computer language used in industries. This program focuses on building a solid foundation of programming and practicing the development of basic algorithms.

After this program

Your child will grasp Python grammar, master fundamental logic with for-loops and if-branches, and develop basic Python programs. They’ll also learn to implement functions, object-oriented programming, and recursion for more efficient, reusable, and highly-readable coding. Your child will be ready for the Python For Intermediates program and AP Computer Science Principles Prep program. 


(Subject to change)

Sample of one hour per week model

1)Week 1 –Week 20

     Fundamentals of Python such as assignment, for-loops, while-loops, if branches, data structures such as list and dictionary. 

2) Week 21 – Week 31 – 33

     Function, recursion, Object-oriented programming, and file access. 


No previous programming experience required.

Hardware & Software requirements

  • Please prepare a Google account that can run Google Collaboratory. We willl keep using Google Collaboratory throughout this program.
  • Please prepare for PC, Mac, or Unix machine. Your child needs to run both the Zoom Application and browser on the same machine to share the code and receive our instructor’s support.
  • We recommend having an additional monitor or a viewing device such as PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Tablet to see Zoom screen while using full screen for programming.