Python & Algorithms For Beginners

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Let’s master Python!

Python is the most popular programming language with its high productivity and a wide variety of libraries, especially AI and computational sciences. Python is a high-level and easy to learn language and is a perfect start point to learn full functional computer language used in industries. 

After this program

Your child will be able to develop Python programs that use a function, object-oriented programming, recursion, file access, database access, and many libraries such as graph drawing with Matplotlib and Web application with Flask.

Please note that some courses provide only half of the content. For instance, some courses covers only the fundamentals of Python coding and Algorithms and may not cover file access, DB access, Web application and Matplotlib. 


(Subject to change)

Sample of one hour per week model

1)Week 1 –Week 15

     Fundamentals of Python and Algorithms

2) Week 16 – Week 30 – 32

     File access, SQL and Non-SQL DB access, Graphing with MatPlotLib


No previous programming experience required.

Hardware & Software requirements

  • Please create a Google account. This program uses Google Collaboratory for the first half.
  • For the first half until the mid of December, your child needs PC, Mac, or relatively new Chromebook. Old Chromebook and tablet have a performance problem with the Zoom.
  • For the second half, your child needs a PC or Mac to set up own Python environment for a web application development and databases setup.
  • Chromebooks and tables do not work for the second half. 
  • We recommend having an additional monitor or PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Tablet to see Zoom screen while fully using the main PC/Mac’s screen for programming.