Python coding practice For Intermediates

Let’s master coding skills!

Give your child a head start on their future career! Algorithm development is the heart of coding and requires a lot of logical thinking. This program practices algorithm development in Python and teaches major algorithms.

  • Algorithm development improves your child’s coding skills and logical thinking skills
  • Develop many mini-projects and exercises
  • Learn major algorithms such as depth search with recursion

After this program

Your child will be able to understand how to develop algorithms and write codes in Python. Your child will be familiar with recursion and recursion-based coding, such as depth search.


Week 1 –Week 10
Algorithms without recursion
2) Week 11 –Week 18
Recursion and recursion-based algorithms


Your child needs to know the fundamentals of Python grammar.

This program does not teach Python grammar itself.

Hardware & Software requirements

Please prepare a Google account that allows your child to use Google Colaboratory.
The Google account holder must be 14 years or older to use Google Colaboratory.
Please use a PC, Mac, or other devices that can run both the Zoom application and web browser for Google Colaboratory simultaneously without a performance problem.
Your child needs to be able to share the Google Colaboratory screen with the Zoom application to receive support from the instructor.
Old Chromebooks and tablets tend to have performance problems and hinder practice.
We would recommend that your child has an additional device to view the Zoom screen while fully using the main device for programming.