Python coding two schoolyear programs

Students need time to master meaningful skills. Some skills like Python coding require more than one school year.

Our program achieved 90% attendance rate throughout a school year. More than 95% of attendees recommend our programs to other students.

1. Two Schoolyear Curriculum

STEAM Dojo offers two schoolyear-long programs, one for beginners and another for advanced learners. By taking both classes in two years, students will get solid programming skills and a great understanding of AP Computer Science from the practices. 

Our advanced program covers a lot of computer science-related knowledge taught in universities such as deep neural network-based AI, algorithms, databases, the foundation of the Internet, protocols, system development method, and UNIX and more professional like git-based development and deployment so that the students can get a more comprehensive understanding of system development and build a solid foundation.

  • Learn the grammar of Python and object-oriented programming through small projects
  • Understand basics of algorithms and the overview of the BigO notation
  • Master how to use the common tools such as Google Colaboratory or Jupyter Notebook
  • Practice file access, database access
  • Understand how to use common libraries such as MatPlotLib 

This program focusing on two parts, mastering the fundamentals of programming and the basic algorithms, and becoming confident with object-oriented programming and recursion that are big challenge in AP Computer Science later. 

  • Review all fundamentals of Python and master basic algorithms
  • Become proficient in Object-oriented programming 
  • Get familiar with recursion and algorithms with recursion  

Some students love programming and advance rapidly by themselves. This program gives opportunities to these students further excel programming and experience development to deployment with Amazon AWS cloud. 

  • Understand how deep neural network-based AI, convolution neural network, works
  • Practice how to build and train an AI model, and use it from Python application
  • Develop a web application with Flask framework
  • Learn knowledge about the Internet such as architecture, protocols, and security
  • Develop a UNIX server from scratch on Amazon AWS cloud and deploy the developed AI web application

2. After this program

1) First schoolyear

  • Students understand the fundamentals of Python including file access, database access, object-oriented programming, and major libraries.
  • Students can develop simple applications that run on their PCs or on Google Colaboratory with popular development tools.

2) Second schoolyear (Python for Intermediates)

  • Students master the fundamentals of programming, including challenging object-oriented programming and recursion. 
  • Students also become proficient in the development of algorithms including challenging recursion-based algorithms. 

3) Second schoolyear (Python Advanced)

  • Students learn how to develop deep neural-network-based AI models and train them. They will understand the importance of training data quality and quantity.
  • Students also experience web application development with Python and Flask framework, and how to integrate an AI model into the web application.
  • They set up a Linux server on Amazon AWS cloud from scratch and deploy the application with Git while learning the fundamentals of the Internet and key protocols.

3. Prerequisite

No prerequisite for the first year student. For the 2nd year, students need to understand the fundamentals of Python.

4. Other requirements

1) PC, Mac, or Unix machine

1st year, 2nd year (Python for Intermediate)

Students need a PC, Mac, or Unix machine that can run a browser and Zoom at the same time with good performance. Old Chromebooks and tablets do not work due to performance issues. 

2nd year (Python Advanced)

Students need a PC, Mac, or Unix system that can run a web browser at the same time Zoom application, Visual Studio Code, python, and Tensorflow. 20GB of free disk space. 

All students need a Google account that can run Google Colaboratory. Google requires 14 years or older to have an account that can run the Google Colaboratory. 

We recommend having an additional viewing device or additional monitor for Zoom to use the full screen for the programming. 

2) Amazon AWS account

Python Advanced students use Amazon AWS cloud environment. It costs $10+tax  per month per student. This cost is not included in the program fee and each family needs to pay with a credit card.