Economics & Personal Finance

Let’s master money skills and protect yourself!

Understanding how money works is an essential personal skill and protect your child from financial troubles. Also, having an interest in personal finance widen your child’s view of broader economics and socioeconomic issues while helping your child’s carrier selection.

  • Fundamental understanding of money: This program covers fundamentals such as how do you earn  and spend money, pitfalls of credit cards, compound interest, loans, and savings.
  • Risk awareness: Understanding financial risks and threats such as identity theft are significant to protect your child by themselves.
  • Widen socioeconomic view:
    Your child also learns about a stock investment that motivates him/her to learn about the companies and economic situation and discuss economic news every week.

After this program

Your child will understand basic money flow, such as making money, budgeting, spending, borrowing, saving money, and associated risks such as identity theft.

Also, your child understands how credit card works and associated risk , compound interest, and taxes.

Your child also understands fundamentals of economics such as a supply curve, a demand curve and equilibrium price. The understanding of the concept directly impacts to your child’s job selection.