Scratch Game Coding

Scratch Game Coding Middle school image

Let’s master programming!

Developing games is the best way to improve coding skills. It requires many coding skills, user experience design, game story design, and a lot of logical thinking. Games motivate your child to code them with their taste. These customizations nurture the autonomy of your child. It is also fun! This course is designed to take beginners to the intermediate level.

Advance coding skills

Your child will develop interactive games that require advanced coding skills, events handling, user experience design and logical thinking.

Build confidence in coding

Your child will build great confidence in coding after developing multiple fun games that your child can play with their friends.

Expand the boundary

Developing multi-stage games with some complexity take your child’s skills to the next level.

After this program

Your child will be able to design and modify games and enhance them with their taste. Your child becomes familiar with Scratch and its basic control with loops and if-then blocks. Your child understands the core functions of Scratch and some limitations.


No previous programming experience required but preferred to have the experience.