AP Computer Science Principles Prep

Boost Your Readiness for AP Computer Science Principles!

Take the leap with our AP Computer Science Principles Prep program! Our comprehensive, school-year-long online program equips students with a solid grounding in computer science principles, setting them up for success in their AP Computer Science Principles course.

We will explore all key concepts, including:

  1. Creative development
  2. Data
  3. Algorithms and Programming
  4. Computer systems and networks
  5. Impact of Computing

We will also work on Create Performance Task later half of the program.


This is an annual online program offering 1-hour sessions each week.


Our program integrates computational thinking practices into the learning journey.

Unit 1: The Creative Development

Unit 2: Digital Information and Data

Unit 3: Algorithms and Programming Concepts

Unit 4: Computer systems and networks

Unit 5: The Impacts of Computing

Unit 6: Create a Performance Task


This program is designed for students who are new to the principles of computer science.

After This Camps

Students will feel confident and ready to take on the challenges of the AP Computer Science Principles course.

Hardware & Software requirements

To participate in this program, students will need a computer to run the Zoom application and a web browser for programming exercises.

Please install the Zoom application (Zoom Desktop Client) on your child’s PC. During the course, your child uses the screen-sharing function of the Zoom application to get full support from our instructor. Zoom application: https://zoom.us/download

Please use a PC, Mac, or other devices that can run the Zoom application. Old Chromebooks and tablets may have performance issues and impede practice. We recommend having an additional device to view the Zoom screen while using the entire screen of the primary device for programming.

Recommended programs While not a prerequisite, your child could gain significant benefits by taking the following programs before this course:

  1. Python and Algorithms for Beginners
  2. Python for Intermediate